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E-Waste Recycling Plant
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Manufacturer of Environmental Protection Equipment

  • Knife crusher is mainly consists of two cutter shafts. The motor can drive the cutter axis to cut, squeeze and tear the material, so as

  • Hammer crusher is welded by rigid steel structure, high manganese steel blade with high toughness and good impact duration.

  • Single shaft shredder with push drawer is a robust, yet versatile size-reduction equipment capable of shredding a large range of materi

  • Double shaft shredder machine is the preprocessing equipment,the pre-sorted material to be chopped is fed into the two shafts whose rot

  • The desulfurization efficiency of the spray tower is high, and the desulfurization efficiency is as high as 85% when using alkaline was

  • The pulse dust collector adopts the pulse cleaning method, which has the advantages of good cleaning effect, high purification efficien

  • Electrostatic separator Uses:For separation of metal and nonmetal, Adopts high voltage electrostatic processing principle ,separating t

  • Airflow classifier is consisting of classifier, cyclone separator dust catcher, and draft fan. Material is up to classifier by strength

Why Choose Us

Manufacturer of Environmental Protection Equipment

For A Green Future
For A Green Future
For The Green Future!
What Can We Offer?

--We are not just one supplier of recycling machines;

--We can do more things to you!

We are a service provider of overall solutions for renewable resources recycling.According to your existing raw materials and the recycling business you want to carry out, make a complete recycling.

  • Solution

    Our machine can be customized according to the capacity and raw materials you want to recycle

  • Free

    You can send your materials to us and we will test the machine for you without charging any fees

  • Test

    After completing the machine production based on your order, we will test the operation before delivery

  • Install

    We can provide yout the installation and technical training services if you need, but is's not free

Renewable News

Manufacturer of Environmental Protection Equipment

Market Prospect Of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

Henan Renewable Energy Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in development and research, manufacture, sales of renewable machines for electronic waste, plastic, rubber, metal. We focus on technology of E-waste dismantle, shredding, sorting , precious metal e ...